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Cards of Your Destiny

An Ancient (1800's) Accurate Scientific System based off formulas, structures, patterns, symbols and mathematics that reveals hidden insights about you and your life! -- $125.00/reading

Photo of Elizabeth Cassidy

Elizabeth Cassidy - Phone: 408-393-7114

San Francisco Bay Area and National

An Ancient Accurate System based off of mathematical formula's, systems, patterns, structures and symbols with influences from astrology and numerology. It is not a psychic reading where one uses different methods. This system is able to reveal many insights about you along with periods and dates that it will happen! It was developed in the 1800's as "coveted" or "privileged" information that only a few knew of at that time. Now, thanks to my teacher and mentor, Robert Lee Camp, it is now coming about and being revealed. These hidden insights will assist you in making life decisions that will help you move towards a brighter future. I am here to help you put your mind at ease, call me! # 408-393-7114

Elizabeth offers individualized Consultations in Love and Destiny Card Readings, Relationship Readings- Business, Family, Private and Group sessions, and Classes on the Cards.